6 Most Exciting Ideas and Activities to enjoy at your Hen parties

Hen parties

Hen parties, most commonly known as, bachelorette parties, are a fun and exciting way for brides-to-be to celebrate their upcoming marriage. It is a pre-wedding celebration in which the bride and her closest friends, colleagues, or family members go away for a long weekend. The purpose of that is to celebrate the upcoming wedding nuptials as the last hoorah on the last night of freedom for the bride.

Hen parties are mostly held a few weeks or days before the big day. They normally range from a low-key dinner with close friends to a wild weekend gateway with your favorite ladies. There are several ways to create the perfect and most pleasantest hen party to make it the most memorable time of your life. All you need to do is to make a list of your most favorite and fun hen party ideas and arrange some delicious food and drinks for everyone.

So, are you planning a hen party but not sure where to start? We have rounded up a handy list of various interesting hen party ideas to help you make the all-important decisions. So, let’s dive in and study the article to have better ideas for your next hen party.

Pampering and relaxing activities in hen parties

At any hen party, the ultimate desire of every bride is to have quality time with her close friends. So, when planning a hen party, the pampering and relaxing activities should be on your to-do list. It is one of the ways through which she gets to relax and enjoy the company of her special girls. For any bride having to deal with all the wedding arrangements stress, some relaxing time like such pampering sessions would mean a lot. For this purpose, you could bring with you some facial masks, or other pampering products to have a great spa time. You could also give each other manicures and pedicures, or you could try a nice yoga session with your girls.

Target Sports

Target Sports can be another exciting activity for a hen party. For that, you have to consider the preferences and comfort levels of all other girls before making any plans. Some popular target sports that can be included in a hen party are:

Archery – This ancient sport can be a lot of fun. But, if you have proper instruction and supervision, it can be safe for everyone involved too.


Clay pigeon shooting – It is one of the popular activities for hen parties. It can be done indoors or outdoors either way. Having experienced instructors to help, everyone at the hen party could learn to shoot and hit targets.

Clay pigeon shooting

Axe throwing – This is a newer target sport that has gained popularity in recent years. It can be a thrilling way to release some energy and try something new with your girls.

Axe throwing

Airsoft or paintball – It is a team-based game that involves shooting opponents with airsoft or paintball guns. It can be a great way to enjoy and bond with friends while blowing off some steam.

Airsoft or paintball

The important thing to remember here is that not everyone will be comfortable with the above-mentioned target sports. So it’s a good idea to offer other activities as well, such as playing cards, guessing the celebrity, etc. Another thing to consider is to choose a reputable venue with experienced instructors to ensure that everyone stays safe while having fun.

Cocktail making class

Another popular activity to do at hen parties is to take the fun from cocktail making. You can take the help of a mixologist who will guide you to make the perfect drink for you. Cocktail classes can be a lot of fun and are mostly accompanied by snacks or small plates of food to enjoy alongside your cocktails. When it comes to cocktails and wine, it’s important to remember that moderation is key. Make sure to drink responsibly and provide non-alcoholic options for those who don’t want to drink at your hen party.

Cocktail making class

Movie Night

Everyone loves the idea of watching a good movie with close friends. So, it is a great idea to add this to your to-do list for the hen party you are planning now. You can choose any movie that you and your girls would love to watch together. It can be some Disney, Hollywood glamour, or some wedding film considering the bride. You can also enjoy some yummy snacks with your girls while watching the movie. Make sure the room or lounge is comfortable and cozy, with plenty of pillows and blankets. During the movie, you can dim the lights or turn them off completely to create a theater-like atmosphere.

Movie Night

Hot Tub Hire

It is one of the ways to make your hen party the most fun and thrilling. Hot tubs hire can change the whole game of your party and can make your time the most enjoyable and memorable. The best thing about a hot tub is that it is an excellent way to unwind and relax. It provides a soothing effect that can help ease tension and stress for everyone.

hot tub hire

Hen parties can be quite hectic and tiring, and a hot tub can be a perfect way for the ladies to recharge their bodies and prepare for more festivities. Moreover, hot tubs can add a touch of luxury and glamour to the hen party. It’s not something that everyone does every day, so it can make the party more special and indulgent.

Pizza Making Activity

Who does not like to eat their favorite food at any party? So, it would be a great idea to add some activities like preparing your comfort and favorite food with your friends. Preparing pizza is also an affordable option that most girls enjoy as a fun activity. It would make your event exciting while satisfying your hunger in the most cherished way.

Pizza making activity

In a Nutshell:

A hen party is becoming a popular option with your favorite girls around the world. The reason for this is that it is flexible, intimate, and easy to add those special touches. In the above article, we have discussed some classy, yet affordable and achievable ideas for your hen parties. It does not matter which idea suits you the most, it would give the bride and her bride maids the most charming and intoxicating experience of life. A hen party could be the best way to get spoiled by your best gal pals in the comfort of a private space. It would give you the best opportunity to laugh, enjoy and bond with your girls and create a memory of a lifetime with them.


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