Cheapest Property in UK: Top 12 Budget-Friendly Housing Options

Cheapest Property in UK


One of the first things to do when thinking about moving is to look at how much other areas are charging for real estate. Both buyers and sellers should be aware of the area-specific price swings as this will give them a better idea of what a new home would cost and how much their present one is projected to yield. Knowing the worth of real estate around the country can help people sell their homes more successfully and have a strong beginning to their trip, especially as the country continues to be affected by the dilemma of rising living expenses.

There are many different types of affordable housing options available when looking for the cheapest houses in the UK. Affordable housing is accessible in all locations, from sleepy County Durham villages to vibrant metropolis like Liverpool and Sunderland. These reasonably priced properties offer a range of options to suit different budgets, including two-bedroom apartments and large terrace houses. First-time buyers, investors, and families can all find chances in the cheapest property in UK, with prices as low as £20,000 in some places. The UK offers a variety of inexpensive housing options that make owning a home no longer have to be a financial barrier, whether one is looking for an urban escape or a serene getaway.

In this blog, we will look into finding the cheapest property in the UK and uncover the best places to buy a house at the most affordable prices.

Exploring the cheapest place to buy a house in UK

Exploring the UK’s most affordable housing markets reveals a wide range of choices for those on a tight budget. Bradford in West Yorkshire, Middlesbrough and Grimsby in North Yorkshire, Shildon and Ferryhill in County Durham, Liverpool in Merseyside, Peterlee in County Durham, Burnley in Lancashire, Stanley in County Durham, and Sunderland in Tyne and Wear are some of the greatest places to locate inexpensive property. These places have a variety of inexpensive homes for sale, discounted real estate, and affordable real estate offers.

With an average property price of £69,939, Bradford is more expensive than Middlesbrough, where prices start at £71,998. In the DN31 postcode region, Grimsby offers reasonably priced properties, with an average price of £72,574. Houses in Shildon start at around £72,604, whereas those in Ferryhill average £82,092. The L2 postcode in Liverpool has particularly cheap possibilities, and Peterlee has houses starting at about £86,188. residences in the BB11 postcode of Burnley range in price from £90,501 to £55,000, while Stanley has residences in the same range. Homes in Sunderland’s SR1 postcode range in price from £36,000 to £80,000. Families and individuals looking for affordable real estate options in the UK can find what they need in these places.

  • Shildon, County Durham (DL4)
  • Bishop Auckland, County Durham (DL14)
  • Ferryhill, County Durham (DL17)
  • Stanley, County Durham (DH9)
  • Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire (TS3)
  • Bradford, West Yorkshire (BD1)
  • Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire (DN35)
  • Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire (DN3)
  • Leyland, Lancashire (PR26)
  • Burnley, Lancashire (BB10, BB11, BB12)
  • Liverpool (L2, L4, L7, L33)
  • Sunderland, Tyne & Wear (SR1, SR2)

A detailed look at the top twelve cheapest houses in UK

If one wants to purchase the cheapest property in UK without breaking the bank, there are several possibilities available when investigating the UK’s affordable housing market. There is housing for every budget, from comfortable downtown flats to cottages in the countryside. A closer look at the cheapest houses in UK for sale may be found in these top twelve cheapest properties. These reasonably priced homes offer people and families the chance to purchase a home without breaking the bank, regardless of whether they prefer the quiet and solitude of the country or the bustling of the city.

Option#1: Shildon, County Durham (DL4)

cheapest property in uk

The cheapest houses in UK is in Shildon, which is in County Durham. This quiet village provides affordable housing in a serene setting, with the typical house price with less than £50,000 in the DL4 postcode. The accessibility and tranquilly of the area are guaranteed by its close proximity to cities such as Durham, Darlington, and Newcastle upon Tyne. The allure of Shildon is how reasonably priced it is without sacrificing amenities or convenience. Shildon in County Durham is a desirable option for UK purchasers on a tight budget who want a more tranquil lifestyle without compromising accessibility.

Option#2: Bishop Auckland, County Durham (DL14)

cheapest property in uk

Bishop Auckland offers affordable property in the UK and is tucked away in the centre of County Durham. This quaint village offers affordability without sacrificing quality of life, with the average house price in the DL14 postcode being just from £50,000-£60,000. Bishop Auckland offers a peaceful living environment with convenient access to basic utilities, all while being surrounded by picturesque scenery and historic sites like Auckland Castle. It is a tempting option for individuals looking for an inexpensive yet attractive place to call home in the UK because of its affordability as well as its rich cultural past.

Option#3: Ferryhill, County Durham (DL17)

cheapest property in uk

The DL17 postcode area of Ferryhill, Durham, offers a desirable opportunity to buy a three-bedroom end-terrace house. All reasonably priced at not more than £60,000 layout makes for comfortable living. Convenience and accessibility are guaranteed by its great connections to the A1, Darlington, and Durham City, even though it is far from the neighborhood’s stores, schools, and other facilities. Inside, there is a parlour, kitchen and family bathroom on the ground floor, and three bedrooms on the first floor, which can accommodate a family or single people. To enhance the usefulness and attractiveness of the house is a rear garden that is easily accessible. For those looking for a cosy house in a convenient area, this property is a compelling choice.

Option#4: Stanley, County Durham DH9

cheapest property in uk

Stanley is a small and energetic community in County Durham. It provides inhabitants with a beautiful fusion of contemporary conveniences and classic elegance, all within the picturesque surroundings and rich historical background. Stanley offers inhabitants of all ages a warm and friendly community environment, complete with charming local stores, picturesque parks, and recreational amenities. It’s also a desirable area to call home because of its handy location inside County Durham, which guarantees quick access to other cities and attractions. Affordable housing alternatives in a welcoming neighbourhood are available at Stanley, whether you are looking for your first house or an investment property.

In Stanley, County Durham DH9, prospective buyers can discover a range of appealing 2-3 bedroom terrace houses, with prices ranging from £45,000 to £55,000. These properties offer comfortable living spaces at affordable prices, making them ideal for first-time buyers or those seeking an investment opportunity.

Option#5: Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire (TS3)

cheapest property in uk

In Middlesbrough’s TS3 area, you can find houses starting at the lowest price of about £27,000-£50,000. If you are willing to raise your budget a bit higher, you can find houses in much better condition.  Middlesbrough is located by the River Tees and has both modern stuff and nature nearby, like the North York Moors National Park. Getting around is easy because transport links are good, with roads and trains making commuting convenient. However, if you are open to the idea of renovation, there are options available around £60,000 that you can renovate according to your preferences. So, even though you might find better conditioned houses at a higher price, opting for a lower priced house and renovating it can be a cost effective way to create your ideal home.

Middlesbrough suits everyone, from young professionals to families and retirees looking for a quiet place. Plus, with houses starting at just £27,000, it’s an affordable and enjoyable place to call home.

Option#6: Bradford, West Yorkshire (BD1) 

cheapest property in uk

Bradford in West Yorkshire is cheapest place to buy a house in UK boasts some of the most budget-friendly property options nationwide. Offering a diverse range of housing choices, including affordable two bedroom flats starting at £20,000, Bradford caters to various preferences and budgets. Additionally, studio apartments can be found for as little as £5000, while one bedroom flats typically range around £8000. For those seeking a bit more space, one to two bedroom terrace houses are available for approximately £20,000.

The BD1 postcode area particularly stands out, where houses can be acquired for as low as £25000. This dynamic city, set against the picturesque Pennines, is a haven for individuals climbing the property ladder, renters, and first time buyers. Enthusiasts of historic homes will appreciate Bradford’s predominantly Victorian architectural landscape.

Moreover, its strategic location ensures easy access to the city center, merely a 20-30 minute train ride away, making it ideal for commuters seeking affordable housing. Families and nature enthusiasts seeking a harmonious blend of urban and rural living will find Bradford an excellent choice, with convenient access to stunning natural landscapes like Ilkley Moor and Haworth. Whether you are in search of a studio apartment, a one bedroom flat, or a terrace house, Bradford offers affordable living options to suit various needs and preferences.

Option#7: Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire (DN35)

cheapest property in uk

For a reasonable £60,000, there is an investment opportunity in the DN35 postcode in Cleethorpes. These three-bedroom mid terrace homes have a dining area, living room, and three bedrooms, making for a spacious living area. These properties guarantee quick returns on investment because they have tenants already in place, generating an amazing 9.4%. Fitted kitchens and contemporary family bathrooms enhance the charm while guaranteeing functionality and simplicity of use. These properties are very sought-after due to their own rear courtyards and close proximity to local amenities. With their gas central heating and UPVC double glazing, they offer comfort and energy efficiency. Regardless of whether you are an investor, landlord, or first time buyer, these houses provide an unfinished space for you to add your own touches and preferences.

Option#8: Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire (DN3)

cheapest property in uk

The DN3 postcode in Grimsby offers investment opportunities that are very profitable, starting at about £60,000. These mid-terrace homes have three bedrooms, a living room, and a dining area, providing enough of space for pleasant living. These homes guarantee quick returns on investment because they already have renters, who are yielding an amazing 9.4%. Convenience and practicality are increased by fitted kitchens and contemporary family bathrooms. These properties are very sought after because of their own rear courtyards and close proximity to neighbourhood amenities. They offer comfort and energy efficiency with their gas central heating and UPVC double glazing. These properties provide an empty canvas for you to customise and personalise to your tastes, whether you are an investor, landlord, or first-time buyer.

Option#9: Leyland, Lancashire (PR26)

cheapest property in uk

You can easily find an appealing opportunity to purchase a three bedroom end-terrace house in Leyland, PR26, Lancashire at a reasonable £60,000. For a family or individuals wishing to live in the region, this property provides plenty of space and comfort. It offers versatility and space to suit different demands thanks to its three bedrooms. This Leyland, PR26, Lancashire home is ideally located for daily life, close to a variety of local services, schools, and transit hubs. This property offers a promising chance to purchase a cosy and reasonably priced house in the lively Leyland neighbourhood, whether you are an investor or a first time buyer.

Option#10: Burnley, Lancashire (BB10, BB11, BB12)

cheapest property in uk

The average cost of cheapest place to buy a house in UK is in Burnley, Lancashire, is slightly over £45,000. Properties in the BB10, BB11, and BB12 postcodes are reasonably priced. For those searching for reasonably priced homes, Burnley is a great alternative, especially for first time buyers. Known for its industrial and mediaeval history, Burnley is a charming city that attracts both residents and visitors. In addition, commuters find it attractive because of its close proximity to large cities such as Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool, even though the average rail journey takes approximately one to two hours. For prospective homebuyers, Burnley provides a special combination of affordability and accessibility thanks to its charming historical district and handy location.

Option#11: Liverpool (L2, L4, L7, L33)

cheapest property in uk

One to two bedroom terrace houses in Liverpool may be found at appealing rates in the L2, L4, L7, and L33 postcodes, with beginning costs of £45,000, £55,000, and £60,000, respectively. But in Liverpool, the L2 postcode is clearly the most economical option, with two bedroom apartments starting at just £20,000. Liverpool, a city well known for more than just its football team and Beatles origins, is home to a diverse population that offers something for everyone to enjoy, whether they are living, working, or just passing the time. Liverpool offers both locals and visitors an enticing lifestyle with its lively environment and diverse services.

Option#12: Sunderland, Tyne & Wear (SR1, SR2)

cheapest property in uk

Depending on which side of the River Wear you are on, Sunderland offers a mesmerising combination of a breathtaking coastline and a bustling city centre. Properties in the SR1 and SR2 postcode start at £36,000 and go up to £45,000, with some enhanced possibilities going up to £60,000 and £80,000. For commuters, it’s a viable option because Newcastle upon Tyne is only a 30-minute trip away. Sunderland’s charm is enhanced by its many green areas, which draw both recreational and natural enthusiasts. Families and young professionals find Sunderland to be a desirable alternative due to the affordable properties in this scenic area and the vibrant city vibe.

Owning your dream home does not have to break the bank

Owning your dream home in the UK  is not about draining your savings. Despite rising property prices, there are still plenty of opportunities to find affordable housing options. Whether you are searching for the cheapest property in the UK or the most budget-friendly place to buy a house, it’s essential to explore various areas and consider factors like property condition and location. By expanding your search and being open to different housing types, you can increase your chances of finding a home that fits your budget. Remember, with the right approach and a bit of patience, owning your dream home in the UK can be within reach.

Last but not least

With the correct strategy, it is possible to locate the most affordable housing options or the cheapest home in the UK. People can improve their chances of obtaining an affordable house that meets their needs by looking about and taking many aspects into account, such as location and property condition. There are possibilities for every budget and lifestyle, whether it’s a big city like Liverpool or a little village in County Durham. It’s not necessary to go broke to own your ideal property in the UK if you have perseverance and patience.

Utilising a reputable real estate agent can greatly improve the process of locating the cheapest property in the UK or the most inexpensive housing options. Throughout the home buying process, a knowledgeable real estate agent may offer priceless advice and insights because they have extensive understanding of the local real estate market. A reputable realtor may expedite the process and reduce a great deal of the stress involved in property hunting, from finding acceptable properties within budgetary restrictions to negotiating advantageous conditions. Their knowledge may assist potential purchasers in navigating complicated documentation and guarantee that their investment is in line with their long-term objectives. Thus, collaborating with a trustworthy real estate company might be necessary to  realising the goal of becoming a homeowner without going over budget.



  • Which types of houses are the cheapest property in UK?

The cheapest houses in UK usually varies based on the area, but generally speaking, apartments are the least expensive choice, followed by terraced homes. Since the 17th century, terraced buildings have been built in Europe, especially in crowded locations with limited space. The shared walls on both sides that unite these residences in a row are their defining feature. Terraced houses are generally less expensive options when compared to detached or semi detached homes.

  • In which parts of the UK are houses inexpensive?

The North East railway town of Shildon, in County Durham, is among the most reasonably priced places in the United Kingdom to buy a house. The average house price in this area is a very reasonable £45,000. In addition, affordable housing is available in other County Durham communities such Ferryhill and Peterlee.

  • What are the factors that influence house prices in the UK?

The cheapest houses in UK are influenced by various factors including location, property size and condition, local amenities, economic conditions, demand and supply dynamics, and government policies.

  • Which is more cheaper to live in—the country or the city?

Homes in rural regions are frequently less expensive. Though there are occasional outliers, such as inexpensive options in Bradford or Liverpool, generally speaking, you will get better value in the countryside. Gardens, roads, and expansion space are among the amenities that are more frequent in rural locations due to their vast space compared to urban living. Furthermore, living expenses are typically lower outside of cities.

  • Which UK county is the cheapest to buy in?

In the UK, County Durham stands out as the most affordable county to purchase a house, with an average house price of £60,000. Some towns within County Durham boast average house prices equivalent to about one couple’s yearly salary. Among these, Shildon emerges as the cheapest town to buy property, with homes averaging at £50,000.

  • Where in the UK is nice and cheap at the same time?

Liverpool offers a bustling and lively city atmosphere at a fraction of the cost compared to London, being 41% cheaper, for those looking for an urban vibe without breaking the bank. Furthermore, Liverpool looks to be a potential place to invest given the rising cost of real estate. County Durham offers additional affordable choice, providing easy access to scenic cities and villages. 

  • Is it possible for me to purchase an abandoned house in the UK?

In the UK, buying an abandoned house requires more than just cashing a cheque and moving. Squatting is one way to claim ownership, however to do so, you have to follow the government’s website’s descriptions of squatters’ rights regulations and inhabit the property full-time for at least ten years. As an alternative, buying an abandoned property requires tracing the owner, usually via local government agencies or the Land Registry. Another way to purchase such houses is through auctions, particularly ones that are specifically designed for abandoned properties. Purchasing an abandoned property requires careful investigation and consideration of all options.

  • Can buying a cheap house lead to increased value through renovations?

Of course! The goal of house flipping is when someone buys a house with the idea of remodelling it and then selling it for a profit. Consider purchasing a property in a good location but in poor condition if you want to maximise added value. You can raise the value of the home dramatically by making renovation investments in areas like modernising the interiors, improving curb appeal, or making structural upgrades. On the other hand, investing in a developing neighbourhood can also result in value gain over time as the region grows and becomes more desirable.

  • Are there any hidden costs associated with buying a cheap house in the UK?

Although purchasing a cheap home may save money up front, purchasers should be mindful of potential hidden charges such remodelling costs, legal fees, property taxes, and continuing maintenance costs. Before making a purchase, careful research is necessary.

  • Are there any government schemes for purchasing cheapest property in UK?

In order to encourage affordable housing, the UK government runs a number of programmes and incentives, including Right to Buy, Shared Ownership, and Help to Buy. These initiatives are designed to help low-income and first-time homebuyers acquire real estate.

  • What are the risks associated with buying the cheapest houses in the UK?

Purchasing the cheapest propery in the UK comes with risks, such as possible hidden flaws, unfavourable neighbourhoods, and low resale value. Performing thorough due research and consulting an expert can help reduce these dangers.

  • What role does a real estate agent play in finding the cheapest houses in the UK?

When looking for the most affordable homes in the UK, a real estate agent with expertise in affordable housing can be quite helpful. Their access to extensive property listings and market data enables them to find reasonably priced solutions that satisfy your requirements.

  • Can a real estate agent guide me to particular neighbourhoods in the UK that are thought to have the lowest prices for houses?

Indeed. You can choose regions noted for their affordability, such County Durham, Bradford, Liverpool, and Sunderland, with the help of an experienced real estate agent. They may offer perceptions into prospective investment prospects, property values, and regional market trends.

  • How can a real estate agent help determine which of the cheapest residences in the UK are the most cost-effective?

Real estate brokers are qualified to assess a property’s value based on a range of criteria, such as amenities, size, location, and condition. They can assist you in determining whether a property is a good fit for your financial situation and investment objectives.

Indeed, representing customers in negotiations is one of a real estate agent’s main responsibilities. Whether you are purchasing a more costly home or the cheapest property in the UK, an experienced agent can work with sellers to get you the greatest bargain.

  • Can a real estate broker assist in securing better terms on the UK’s most affordable homes?

Indeed, representing customers in negotiations is one of a real estate agent’s main responsibilities. Whether you are purchasing a more costly home or the cheapest property in the UK, an experienced agent can work with sellers to get you the greatest bargain.

  • When purchasing the most affordable property in the United Kingdom, are there any other services that a real estate agent can offer?

A real estate agent may help with many elements of the buying process, not only locating and negotiating the acquisition of the cheapest houses in the UK. This include setting up showings for the property, gathering information about the market, scheduling for inspections, and helping you with the closing process.

  • How can I locate a real estate broker that specialises in cheap homes and affordable housing in the United Kingdom?

To begin with, look into local real estate firms and brokers that specialise in working with buyers on a tight budget. Seek for real estate agents who are knowledgeable about the particular locations you are interested in purchasing in and who have a proven track record of assisting clients in locating reasonably priced homes. To locate a trustworthy agent in your region, you can also ask friends, family, or coworkers for referrals.

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