6 of the Coolest Eco-Homes Available In The UK

Whether you are an eco-enthusiast, a tree hugger, or just can’t bear the thought of being carbon neutral, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to reduce your impact on the environment, or at least make it as small as possible.

Going green might seem overwhelming at first, but fortunately, there are many low-cost ways you can reduce your carbon footprint without having to completely overhaul your lifestyle or move out of your dream home. Here are 6 of the coolest eco-homes available in the UK and what makes them so eco-friendly.

1) Mountain View Eco Retreat

mountain view eco retreat

If a traditional home is more your style, but you still have an eye for environmental living, check out Mountain View Eco Retreat in Wiltshire. This charmingly modern 3-bedroom home sits on a 60-acre forested estate with views over Exmoor National Park.

At 2,635 square feet, it offers space for your family and all your favourite things; constructed using timber framing, it’s designed to be both cosy and sustainable. The kitchen includes state-of-the-art appliances and even has a wine cellar. There are two fireplaces—one inside and one outside—to keep you warm during those chilly British nights.

2) Bures Mill

Bures Mill

Bures Mill is an 11-bedroom, Grade II listed cottage set on a 17th-century working watermill and comprises three floors with a total floor area of approximately 4,300 square feet. The house has undergone extensive renovation over the last 20 years, with much attention paid to modernizing some elements while preserving as much as possible from its history.

Many original features have been retained to retain much of its character including exposed beams and stonework. The property includes a large garden, which spans more than 2 acres, featuring woodland areas and views across open countryside. It also includes two cottages (for staff) that are included within the sale price.

3) 20 Newlands Manor

20 Newlands Manor

Architectural design meets sustainable living at 20 Newlands Manor, a stunning estate in rural England that’s been transformed into a model of modern living and environmental responsibility. Featuring solar panels, rainwater harvesting, low-energy construction materials, and more than 20 trees on-site that are native to Britain’s countryside, 20 Newlands Manor is a dream home for any green enthusiast.

Set deep within 4 acres, 20 Newlands Manor is a sumptuous property with a sense of inner calm. Not only does it boast breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and farmland, but it’s also designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Thanks to an innovative solar paneling system, you can be sure that your green credentials are well cared for. Sun loungers on your private patio? You got it. Radiant underfloor heating inside? Of course!

4) Greenhouse Loft Apartment

Greenhouse Loft Apartment

With its passive heating, water collection, and energy generation, you won’t need to pay a penny for energy bills. And if that doesn’t impress you, we don’t know what will! This wonderful home is located in London.

The living area is bright with huge windows looking out over West London’s skyline. The kitchen has two different views with one leading out to a balcony and another looking into it from above. If you look up at night, your view will be spectacular as there are lights on all sides of the apartment.

Even though it seems small from the outside when inside you can feel how spacious it is. The property was built back in 2010 so all technologies used were at their most advanced level at that time.

5) Capstone Studio Homes

Capstone Studio Homes

This amazing home is ideal for those who want to create an atmosphere that feels like a home as opposed to a housing unit. Capstone offers clients six different floor plans, and one can easily get lost admiring its rustic beauty. The company does not use conventional building materials like concrete and timber, which are known to be harmful to our planet.

Instead, they opt for sustainable products such as straw bales and recycled paper. Although it might cost you more than you’d expect to purchase one of these dreamy abodes, you’ll also save a lot on utility bills because they are highly energy efficient.

6) Yew House

Yew House

Located in Pembrokeshire, Wales, it’s a holiday home that’s been crafted by architect James Coleman. It cost £850,000 and was completed back in 2011. For those who are interested, be aware that it has already been sold to someone else.

The cool thing about Yew House is that it uses sustainable technologies to provide both heating and cooling for all of its rooms while also collecting rainwater to flush toilets. This house is a truly green building! And did we mention that it looks stunning?

Well, it does. There’s a wonderful combination of old materials and modern design that makes it one of our favorite eco-homes around. We hope you enjoy eco-homes in the UK as much as we do!

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