5 of The Most Stunning Remote Houses For Sale In The UK

There’s something about seeing an isolated house that gives us pause. It makes us think, even for just a moment, about what it would be like to live there, all alone, with no contact with the outside world except through letters and perhaps radio signals.

It also makes us wonder if it can be as lonely as we imagine. If you’re interested in finding out more about remote houses for sale UK, here are 5 of the most stunning remote properties for sale currently on the UK market today.

Why Do People Live in Remote Houses?

People often choose to live in remote houses because they can escape city life and live more sustainably. Some people also may be trying to escape an unhappy or toxic living situation. But many just want a quiet, peaceful place that’s away from distractions.

When looking for remote houses for sale UK with these qualities, it’s important to find places that are free from noise pollution, where you can spend your time peacefully and connect with nature. These remote cottages UK offer you a chance to live outside of the ordinary routine, giving you space to think creatively and recharge your batteries.

However, if you’re looking for accessibility, then this type of property might not be right for you. The best way to make sure that this is what you want is by spending some time at one of these stunning locations before making any commitments.

A remote property for sale in the UK offers incredible opportunities for mental health and well-being. So read on to discover these 5 most beautiful remote houses for sale in the UK.

List #1 — Aberdaron, Pwllheli, Wales — Price: £665,000

This four-bedroom, detached house is located in Wales. It is just a few miles from away Aberdaron, on the western tip of the Llyn Peninsular. The interiors of this property aren’t all that special (but they’re certainly nothing to scoff at either).

They’re bright, fresh, and modern, after all. However, the surrounding views and especially the sunsets are what make this very remote property for sale UK so special. We included this property as a worthy contender for our list because it boasts an uninterrupted view of the coast and surrounding rolling hills.

List #2 — Brithdir, Dolgellau, Wales — Price: £385,000

It’s hard to imagine walking back to this barn conversion on our own in the dark, but there’s no denying its escapism. A remote property for sale in the heart of Snowdonia, Loft y Crog can only be purchased for holiday use.

Not full-time living, and can therefore be rented out for holiday time or for personal use as and when required. Within its land boundary stands a Grade II listed Roman Bridge, and this remote property for sale is surrounded by 1.6 acres of mature woodland.

List #3 — Newton Abbot, Devon — Price: £3,000,000

In the middle of the Dartmoor National Park lies this spectacular property with nine bedrooms. Originally a Devon longhouse from the 16th century, this very remote property for sale UK has been extensively renovated over the past few years to become the immaculately presented property it is today. Sweeton Manor features just under three acres, numerous outbuildings and a breathtaking indoor pool.

List #4 — Ruthin, Wales — Price: £625,000

A charming Grade II listed farmhouse nestled in about three acres of land about four miles from Ruthin. Many things need to be done, but the foundations are there, including flagstone floors and exposed timbers.

An array of stone outbuildings surround the property, which further adds to the general appeal. You can also choose this from our list of 5 best remote houses for sale UK available today.

List #5 — Wyre, Orkney, Scotland — Price: £495,000

This very remote property for sale UK is located in the Orkney Islands, on Wyre. The home comes with an 80-acre seafront and 900 metres of sea frontage with a slip.

The agents call the sale of this property a ‘lifestyle-changing opportunity and it’s easy to see why. This bright property has large windows that overlook the water and surrounding islands, providing a spectacular view.


This has been a guide on finding your dream remote home in the UK. However, don’t be too quick to invest. Always make sure you have found the right remote property for sale to call home.

Remember that everyone is looking for different things. So it’s important to spend some time getting to know what will be best for you and your family before jumping into anything.

Do not forget that if there are any questions or concerns about isolated cottages UK, you can always contact your local agent or estate agent! They would love to help you find your perfect home! And remember, don’t stop at one. They’re all equally beautiful and perfect in their way. Happy remote house hunting in the UK!

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