Top Amazing Castles for Sale in UK 2022

Some people have the dream of buying the Castle. No doubt this is a big step for the people who are dreaming to purchase it. A castle is a type of fortified structure built primarily by the orders of medieval aristocrats, royalty, and the army. Scholars discuss the scope of the word castle but usually think of it as the residence of a private fortress of a lord or aristocrat. There are thousands of castles in Britain, but hundreds of castles are still in good condition or have been refurnished for modern life. That’s why we have put together a great selection of incredible rock for sale. if you are interested in buying property and you want to invest then it can be beneficial for you should must investment in this type of property.

Some are quirky and some have a dark history, but we all find them wonderful. Most people ask that can they buy a castle in the UK. So yes you can buy a castle in the UK. While the number of castles for sale in England at any given time may be smaller than in other large European countries such as Italy or France, there is still a steadfast interest in buying an English castle. Here are a few castles listed which are located in the UK:

  • Callaly Castle
  • Llantwit Castle
  • Orchardton Castle
  • Lullingstone Castle
  • Fa’side Castle
  • Brechin Castle
  • Earlshall Castle
  • Dornoch Castle Hotel

Callaly Castle

This substantial part of Callaly Castle, dating from the 17th century and incorporating a 14th-century tower, was divided into seven wings in the 1980s. There are three floors, including one of the building’s principal staircases, the original library, now a drawing-room, and a mezzanine level housing a dining room and study. You can explore 27 acres of gardens along with 4 bedrooms.

Llantwit Castle

This 500-year-old castle was rescued by the current owner and lovingly restored. It is a manageable size and rather cozy inside. There is a studded front door that leads to a kitchen/dining room with flagstone floors and an electric Aga. A wood-burning stove is installed in the drawing-room and the master bedroom. Two other bedrooms can be accessed via a spiral staircase and have vaulted ceilings and far-reaching views of the Bristol Channel. There’s also a walled garden and paddock. Despite its ruinous state, more than half of the castle could be converted into extra accommodation, but a project of this scale isn’t for the faint of heart.

Orchardton Castle

Castle for sale

In addition to the towers, turrets, spires, wood paneling, ceiling plasterwork, and the huge bay windows, this is an outstanding example of a Scottish baronial-style castle. You might consider hiring live-in staff if there are more than 40 rooms, 30 fireplaces, 15 bathrooms, and five acres to maintain. With 20 bedrooms, you may consider housekeeping and gardening as a hobby. As an alternative, you could turn the castle into a boutique hotel or rent a property out for weddings.

Lullingstone Castle

A virtually self-sufficient southern wing of an ancient castle that dates back to the Dome’s Daybook and has been occupied by the same family since the 15th century. Regularly visited by both Henry VIII and Queen Anne, the current Queen’s wedding and coronation robes were spun from silk procured from a farm on the premises. The accommodation is three stories high and consists of a large drawing room with paneled walls overlooking the castle lake, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 3 reception rooms. However, it needs to be updated to give new owners the opportunity to stamp their own.

Fa’side Castle

Castle for sale


Fa’side Castle is addressed by a double gate that leads to Berg. The inner Bailey wall has a well-kept lawn. This includes large sculptural parking lots in the east of the facility. There is a courtyard in the inner garden with walls on both sides. Features include BECH security and forests that provide privacy. In the castle terrain, it is the 17th-century barn that was converted into two cottages, woodside, and Gatschen in 1996. Adjacent to the gate side is a garage, workshop, and snooker room on the second floor.

Brechin Castle

This magnificent building is on the site of a much older fort owned by the Scottish kings. Last rebuilt in the early 17th century, some of it is part of the original 13th-century castle. Brechin Castle is absolutely huge, as it was built in a time when there were many families and often included large families and battalions of domestic servants. There are 16 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 8 magnificent reception rooms, and 5 cottages on 40 acres of grounds. The rooms are all impressive. Its original paneled walls, majestic columns, and elaborate staircases make it a truly magnificent residence.

Earlshall Castle

Earlshall Castle


Earl Shall Castle was built in the mid-16th century by Sir William Bruce, a member of the historic Roland Scottish clan Bruce. Sir Bruce was a survivor of the famous Battle of Flodden. This is the greatest battle in British history between the Kingdom of Scotland and the death of King James IV  of Scotland. This special courtyard castle was greeted by many prominent guests, including Queen Mary of Scotland and James VI of Scotland later James I of England.

One of Earl Shall’s most notorious Barons was Sir Andrew of the “Blood Blues” who earned his name by brutally crushing his enemies. His footsteps are said to have been heard on the spiral staircase of Earl Shall to this day. A few generations after the Bruce family, the castle was resold, but eventually devastated. It was restored in the late 1800s  by Scotland’s most renowned architect and designer, Sir Robert Lorimer, who is considered to be the best architect ever produced. The stunning walled gardens designed by Lorimar are still there and worth a visit.

Dornoch Castle Hotel

Castle for sale

Scotland is known for its many wonderful castles, one of which is this 16th-century fortress in Sutherland. Originally built as a residence for influential Caithness bishops. Approximately 70 years after its completion, it fired as a result of a vicious feud between two major clans. It has been restored several times over the centuries and has been used for a variety of purposes. It was converted into a luxurious hotel in 1947. Built of stone and slate, the 22-bedroom castle features several notable features, including a beautifully renovated basement called The Vault.

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